Coach Sheila


Name:  Sheila Natho

Occupation: Retired, past CPA/Tax Auditor for the Comptroller of Public Accounts 1987-2014

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

What is your favorite thing about SpeedKIDZ Elite?
I enjoy being part of SpeedKIDZ because it is allowing me to relive a part of my life I missed through them. I only ran half of one season of cross country back in high school (sophomore Lake Highlands 1982). It is a very long story on the reasons why I had such an abbreviated high school running career. But, running is something I should have continued in high school and now can relive this missed part of my life through SpeedKIDZ. I took running back up in 1989 after I got out of college and have been running since.

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Movie:  Top Gun

Things I like to do on my free time: Golf and Scuba Dive

My Inspiration: Coach Dawn!! And Master Female Runners..Pros like Deena Kastor, Colleen De Reuck, Joan Benoit Samuelson…they are all still competing !! Local Masters….Janice Moore, Frances McKissick, Linda Kelly & Nancy Cole.

I like to run because:  I do like to compete but mostly I like to put on my IPOD and just train. I like to just go out and run and I really don’t like having a structured workout. I like to go run with my tunes and run how I feel for that day…slow or fast.

Accomplishments in Running:
PRs of 18:37 5k Autumn Equinox 2002, 38:28 10k Dino Dash 2003, 1:25:56 half marathon DRC 2002, and 3:16:30 full marathon White Rock 1991.

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