About SpeedKIDZ


Working with Athletes in Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex & Surrounding Areas

SpeedKIDZ is about bringing out the best in each athlete and using the SpeedKIDZ philosophy of proper running form and technique.  The developmental platform that has been created for these young athletes will offer them the opportunity to achieve anything they set their mind to.  Not only will each athlete develop specific athletic skills for their sport, but the intangible values such as teamwork, discipline, leadership, hard work, dedication, commitment, and confidence in sports are just some of the valued traits learned while training with SpeedKIDZ.

I would like to thank all of my current SpeedKIDZ for their hard work and dedication to their sports.  Keep working hard in school and always put your BEST into everything you do and you will have great success!  I believe in you!

~Coach Dawn Grunnagle

Nike lukes