Q:  Where does SpeedKIDZ Elite train?
A:  SpeedKIDZ Elite rotates their practices depending on the season.  Locations include:  Germany Park, Katy Trail, Norbuck Park, Flagpole Hill and White Rock Lake.

Q:  How can I try out for SpeedKIDZ Elite or APEX TC?
A:  Athletes who would like to try out for SpeedKIDZ Elite or APEX TC must contact Coach Dawn at speedkidz1@gmail.com and schedule an interview and try out date.

Q:  What are the commitments as an athlete to be a part of the SpeedKIDZ Elite team?
A:  Qualifications include:
1.  Outstanding academics
2.  Fill out a info/waiver form
3.  Must be able to run a continuous mile
4.  Willing to participate in community service projects
5.  Hard worker
6.  Positive and encouraging to others
7.  Tryouts are on Wednesday nights or and Saturday mornings.  Times change throughout the year based on the season.

Q:  Can my son come and try out for SpeedKIDZ Elite or APEX TC?
A:  Yes!  SpeedKIDZ Elite Boyz Team started July 2015. The boyz team is growing each week.  We would love to have you come and try out and see if it is a good fit for you and your goals.

Q:  What age does my athlete need to be to participate in SpeedKIDZ Elite or APEX TC?
A:  SpeedKIDZ Elite Team is for 8th grade and under, APEX TC is for high school only.
SpeedKIDZ Training Camps are for ages 4-15 years old.

Q:  What events or races does SpeedKIDZ Elite and APEX TC take part in?
A:  Athletes train all year round.  We compete in the cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field.  Our big event is the USATF series but we compete in all types of events including road races:  one mile through 5K and relays.

Q:  Is SpeedKIDZ Elite and APEX TC just for distance runners?
A:  SpeedKIDZ Elite and APEX TC has sprinters, middle distance and distance runners.  There is something for everyone who loves to run.

Q:  What are SpeedKIDZ camps?
A:  SpeedKIDZ camps take place during Summer Break, Spring Break and Holiday Breaks.  Camps are announced on the website and via social media.  All athletes must sign up through www.speedkidz.com and click on the SIGN UP button at the top of the page.

Camps are for ages 4-18 years old and are for boyz and girlz.

SpeedKIDZ camps focus on having fun and learning proper running biomechanics,  agility skills, running obstacle courses, relays, parachute training, dynamic flexibility, good sportsmanship, hard work and explosive speed drills.

These camps are for any athlete wanting to get faster, quicker, stronger and increase their skills in any sport.

Athletes are divided based on age and ability.

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